Page 1: Research Study: The Career Aspirations of Classroom Teachers Aged 45-55

Please ignore the 'Menopause and work' survey title which appears at the top of this document my initial recruitment drive was for female schoolteachers who were experiencing the menopause; this second recruitment phase is for male schoolteachers.  Unfortunately, I am unable to change the overall survey header!

Many thanks for your interest in my PhD research study.  Before you express your interest in taking part, here is some information on this research and its purpose. 

Research aim

There is a gap in existing research, as the retention of experienced classroom teachers (other than those who have reached retirement age) has not often been considered by UK researchers. 

I hope that this research will help to fill the gap by exploring experienced classroom teachers' lived experiences through a qualitative longitudinal study entitled 'An examination of how more experienced classroom-based teachers' career aspirations change over time.'  I am particularly keen to explore the influence of gender and age on these career aspirations.

What will it involve?

You will take part in three online 1-to-1 interviews with me over a 2-year period:  each interview will last up to one hour, so your involvement will be one hour per year.  These semi-structured interviews will focus upon your career aspirations and the various influences upon them.