Register your interest in joining a network for future food security

Who this survey is for

This survey is for farmers, public and private protected area managers, market or home gardeners, seed producers, and managers of unprotected wild or semi-wild habitats ‒ people taking care of plant diversity in situ (i.e. in cultivation and in the wild) and interested in joining forces to support future food security.

What this survey is about

A key objective of the Farmer’s Pride project ( is to establish a permanent network for Europe-wide in situ conservation of crop landraces/farmers' varieties1 and crop wild relatives2, and to promote and facilitate the use of more plant diversity for the benefit of society. 

We are gathering expressions of interest in joining a European network for in situ conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources from farmers, protected area managers, gardeners, seed producers and other land managers – anyone who is a custodian of crop landraces/farmers' varieties and/or crop wild relative populations in situ and would like to nominate a site/locality for inclusion in the network.

For more details about the network, please click here.

What we need from you

Please complete this short survey to register your interest in joining the European network and we will contact you with further information as it arises.

The survey should take no more than 5–10 minutes to complete (depending on whether you choose to only answer the mandatory questions or to provide more information), and requests the following minimum information:

  1. Name and email address
  2. The country in which the land you manage is located
  3. The type of site/locality (e.g. a farm, a nature reserve) you would like to nominate for inclusion in the network, and (roughly) where it is
  4. Whether crop landraces/farmers' varieties and/or crop wild relatives are conserved at the site/locality

You may provide further information if you wish.

1Crop landraces/farmers' varieties are diverse, locally adapted crop populations which are important for local food, nutrition and economic security, as well as being sources of diversity for crop enhancement

2Crop wild relatives are wild species related to crops which contain important diversity for crop enhancement, particularly in the face of climate change