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Thank you for completing this survey. The collection of this data is mandated by CENTA funders NERC/UKRI, but is for EDI monitoring purposes only and will not be used to make decisions about your application.

  • You have the option to refuse to disclose data for any question by selecting the 'prefer not to say' option.
  • Your data will always be held and processed in a pseudonymised or anonymised way, and in accordance with UK GDPR laws and University of Birmingham Data Security and Privacy Regulations. 

For more information and to request a copy of the CENTA Data Privacy Policy, please contact

At the end of the survey on the survey completion page, you will receive a unique completion receipt code to prove you have completed the survey. Please save this code and copy-paste it onto your CENTA application form in the designated box at the top of the form. Submission of an application form without inclusion of this number will result in your application being automatically rejected.